libFAD's Requirements

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Official Development Releases

This is the lastest development release from libFAD development team, only for libFAD's developer and hacker.

Download libFAD-0.9.6.tar.gz
Download libFAD-0.9.6.tar.bz2
Download flash samples


SVN is a way of storing and tracking changes in the code between releases. The libFAD source is kept in SVN. Because this is the central location for all libFAD development, it always has the latest code and bug fixes. However, this means it also has the latest bugs.

We encourage you to use the releases as much as possible. You can obtain the libFAD source from anonymous SVN, but doing so puts unnecessary load on the SVN servers. The code in SVN is never guaranteed to work correctly, and if something is obviously broken you should not complain about it, this only slows the development process. However, if you feel a need to be more cutting-edge than necessary, or if you desire to hack on the libFAD source, you should use SVN.

GET source
 svn co libfad
GET flash samples
 svn co samples