Roadmap to libFAD-1.0.0

October 20, 2006

Next release is libFAD-1.0.0, I hope it will released before Chinese New Year.
as libFAD-1.x, A native vector graphics library(vgcore) will be included.
due to poor performance problem, cairo will be deprecated.

libFAD 0.9.6 release

September 20, 2006

libFAD 0.9.6 was released, great enhancement for Flash render, lots of bugs fixed.
Improve button/sprite render, integrate 3rd library, add morphing-shape clip support.
NOTE:More samples can checkout from SVN repository, see Detail.

libFAD 0.9.3 release

September 04, 2006

libFAD 0.9.3 was released, much more stable, lots of bugs fixed.
morphing-shape fixed, multi-layer clip support, sprite render improved.

libFAD 0.9.2 release

May 24, 2006

libFAD 0.9.2 was released, minor fillstyle bugs fixed, more stable and fast.
change script to makefile for build libFAD quickly and directly.

libFAD 0.9.1 release

May 16, 2006

libFAD 0.9.1 was released, lots of bugs fixed, most of flash files(exclude ActionScript) will render correctly.
You will have nice flash experience with new libFAD, download from here

libFAD 0.9.0 release

May 08, 2006

libFAD 0.9.0 was released, style-shape parser and renderer rewrite, much more close to the Adobe Flash Player.
All user are recommended to update.

libFAD 0.8.8 release

March 08, 2006

libFAD 0.8.8 was released, a new flash player based on directFB backend is available now.
In this release, lossless/lossless2 bitmap decode fixed, shape render performance improved.

libFAD 0.8.7 release

February 28, 2006

After two months hard work, new libFAD was released.
In this release, gradient & image pattern render fixed, build-in cairo graphics library with libFAD.

libFAD project status

December 31, 2005

Now, I am working on integrate libFAD with DirectFB.
I hope that libFAD will much more usable for embedded linux system.

libFAD 0.8.6 release

December 17, 2005

This release, I have optimized frame render architecture and improved performance.
all libFAD's user&developer recommended to update.

libFAD 0.8.5 release

November 30, 2005

I have redesigned the display list that may be more stable than before.
meantimes, fix two bugs about static text render and color table bitmap.

libFAD project status

October 26, 2005

I will continue to add new functions and fix bugs for libFAD, even though, vector graphic performance is very poor in cairo.
I HAVE A DREAM that one day cairo will get performance as high as Xara vector graphics engine and Adobe(Macromedia) will really open Flash File Format to public.

Flash samples package was available

October 26, 2005

I have packaged some flash samples for libFAD hacker, these samples are very suitable to debug libFAD on flash decode/render. but you can't expect my flash player play all flash samples in package correctly.

libFAD 0.8.4 release

October 07, 2005

The new package was released with performance improved and lots of render.cairo bugs fixed.

libFAD 0.81 release

September 19, 2005

After three month hard work, first development release of libFAD is online now.
In the source package, include a flash player based on cairo(SDL backend).

Website Setup

September 13, 2005

After four day hard work, website of libFAD is online now. much thanks to Inkscape, which part of My great website was from.